7 Team Leader Interview Questions and Answers

 Q1: Tell Me about yourself and why you are suited to the role of Team Lead:

Tips for answering this question... 

TIP #1: Split your answer up into two parts (give information about you, and also why you are suited to the role.)

TIP #2: Look at the job description and match your answer.

Team Leader Job Description

  • Manages and leads a team of employees.
  • Communicates company goals and deadlines to the team.
  • Motivates team members and assesses performance.
  • Keep management updated on team performance. 
I'm someone who very much enjoys leading people through effective motivation and management techniques. I'm a competent communicator who is able to clearly relay company goals to a team whilst focusing intently on deadlines set by management.

TIP #3: Be a firm but fair Team Leader.

Answer: I'm a smart working, professional who enjoys the challenges of both leading and managing people, also seeing projects and tasks through to successful completion. I pride myself on a strong work ethic and an ability to motivate a team to get the optimal output. I believe I'm suited to the role of team leader, firstly because I have the skills, qualities, and attributes to match the job description, and secondly, I'm who simply have a keen desire to lead and manage people.

Q2: What are the qualities of a successful team leader?

Tip for answering this question...

Tip -  Use 'POWER'words and phrases in your response that focus on your ability to:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Support your team
  • See Projects and tasks through to completion.
  • Understand your team's SWOT.
  • Be a positive role model.
  • Work towards the company's goals.
Answer: There are numerous qualities that a team leader must possess if they are to be successful in the role. These include a great communicator if you cannot communicate effectively, and support your team, you will not see projects through to the end. You must also have the understanding capabilities of your team's SWOT and they adapt your plan based on their qualities. Finally, a team leader must be committed to delivering positive results for his or her employer and act as a positive role model for the organization they are working for. 

Q3:How would you motivate your team? 

Tip for answering this question...

TIP #01 -  All successful leaders know their team's strengths and weaknesses.
Tip #2 -  Communication is vital to motivating your team.

Tip #3 - Always be CLEAR when communicating with your team. If a team knows what expected of them, and you encourage and praise them, they will do anything for you.
Answer: There are two key elements I would use to motivate my team. These are Communication and Clarity. 

I would motivate my team by communicating with them in three ways. 
Firstly, by talking to each team member to find out what they are good at and what their strengths are. 
Secondly, I will communicate the organization's goals to ensure each team member was clear on the plan of action we had in place. 
Thirdly, I would be a supportive team leader who would motivate the team regularly during the task being undertaken and also praise them when appreciate. 

With regards to clarity, 
I feel a team is far more likely to succeed, and be self-motivated if they understand clearly what the plan is. I would always brief the team as to what is expected from them. If a team understands clearly what is required, and they are praised when they work well, they will stay motivated. 

Q4: What types of leaders are you?

Tip for answering this question...

Tip #1 - To be an effective leader, you have to set the standards expected of your team. 
Tip #2 -  Being firm but fair is a great way to lead.
Tip #3 - Showing empathy as a leader, when required, is vital.

Answer: I am a leader who is able to get the most out of their team by implementing supportive and motivational strategies in parallel. I also have empathy and can react to team members' changes in performance. In a brief, I am a leader who is firm and fair and highly focused on my company's goals and their overall mission. 

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